A.K.B. COMMUNICATION is a creative arts, services and consulting company founded by Aaron K. Braxton. From books–to theatrical plays–to feature films–to television pilots, Aaron has crafted an authentic voice that is passionate, humorous, thought provoking, gut wrenching and, most importantly, entertaining.


Raised in the inner city and educated by some of the nation's top universities, he brings a unique perspective to a literary landscape often inundated with emblematic urban stereotypes and ethno-cultural clichés.  His ideology is deeply personal and his writing projects are routinely characterized by a commitment to equitable, communal literacy, mental health, diversity, and social issues where people of color, especially African Americans, see their lives reflected with honesty and validity. All while telling compelling, soul stirring stories with strong characters that overcome obstacles, create paradigm shifts in perception and are endowed with varied, complex imagery, and intricate, relevant, emotionally driven, universal themes.

Featured on NBC news, Memphis Live at 9, NPR, The LA Times, The New York Post, The Memphis Commercial Appeal, LA Weekly and Backstage, Aaron K. Braxton also offers innovative Solo Writing and Solo Performance Workshops as well as Self-Publishing Consultations for all ages and abilities, using his books, GOING SOLO: How to Create a Dynamic One-Person Show, PRODUCING MADE SIMPLE, and PLAYWRITING MADE SIMPLE as guides to personal transformation, artistic growth and creative empowerment.


In addition, Aaron is a talented speaker, who talks about his deeply personal, physically and mentally challenging life experiences as a motivational, strategic instrument for breaking down barriers through hard work, perseverance, laser focus, and finding the greatness inside one's self. For young audiences, he also reads a chapter from his novel, JESSE and the CATERPILLAR WHO GOT ITS WINGS, engages in a Question and Answer session, then offers young people the opportunity to listen to their inner voice in order to feel what it is like to access their own POWER and personal GREATNESS.  


For more information or to schedule an appointment contact: AaronBraxtonspeaks@gmail.com


Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings



Everybody’s loving critically acclaimed and internationally award winning author, Aaron Braxton's, Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings! A deeply moving, middle-grade, coming-of-age, children's narrative, about discovering what's inside the mind of a precocious African American boy searching for greatness.

Nominated for two RSJ Awards, Jesse, a rambunctious, 5th grade loner, has an emotional intelligence and imagination that has always made him appear awkward. An “everyman,” with ever-changing mood and grace, he develops a bond with the beautiful and infinitely more popular Khalilah that only tragedy can tear apart.

Using the shape shifting metamorphosis of caterpillars – from craving, crawling, earthbound creatures, to graceful winged beauties – it is a powerful story about life, love, and faith that organically expands and becomes more complex with each turning page.

"The book is so pure," says Hollywood Writer/Dir., Tim Chey, "I read it in ONE sitting and absolutely LOVED IT! It's as fascinating as it is valuable.”


Bold, beautiful, perceptive and raw, this transcendent work, takes you on a journey through the subconscious of an insightful, seldom read about, African American boy, whose saving grace is talking to himself. The story will make you laugh, cry and question, “When the age of innocence is lost, how do you rebuild what remains?”


Jesse is an African American hero for all ages. One who proves, “When there’s greatness inside, who says you can’t fly.”


*Academic Language and Common Core Standards aligned.


**Also available in Ebook, Audiobook, Large Print formats!


JESSE and the CATERPILLAR WHO GOT ITS WINGS explores themes of self-esteem, friendship, family, heartbreak, life and loss––while still maintaining a greater sense of humor and a deeper sense of purpose.


"I wrote this novel to represent the inner hopes, dreams and aspirations of African American boys who, all too often, do not see themselves fully actualized in literature. There are a lot of books out there that tell amazing stories. Unfortunately, most of them do not involve the complex, subconscious minds of kids from African American and diverse communities. I was divinely inspired to change that narrative in meaningful and authentic ways."


Infused with Academic Language and aligned with Common Core Standards and real-world connections, the book also assist children in mastering the language needed to successfully engage in school. Although mastering Academic Language is challenging for many children, it is especially challenging for children of diverse communities with limited exposure outside the educational system.

JESSE and the CATERPILLAR WHO GOT ITS WINGS, seeks to change that barrier, in meaningful and authentic ways, by attempting to level the playing field so that all children read about diverse groups of people and are exposed to important pedagogical language necessary for their success. By giving children the opportunity and tools essential in making authentic connections from the comfort and protection of their own home, environment or classroom, this book can become a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

“...gives you the ability to reach higher ground and keep climbing. Gave me hope (and) showed there were possibilities in life.”

Oprah Winfrey


This is one of the most powerful and well-written books that I've ever read. It provokes deeper thought, many questions, and more ponderings on the nature of teen life...especially the real lives of many African American boys...Jesse reminds me of  Charlie Brown...Great Book! More people need to know about you!

–M. Williams, California Science Center

I read this book to my 5th grade students and they absolutely loved it! Before I knew it, many had gone out and purchased it themselves. I especially like that he put a lot of academic language in the book, which is much needed by my students. Thank you Mr. Braxton for getting my students interested in reading again!

–S. Martin, Elementary School Teacher

I read your book in one sitting and absolutely LOVED IT! The book is so pure. I even cried at the end!

-T. Chey, Hollywood Dir/Writer

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