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Aaron Braxton: Award-Winning Writer & Creative Dynamo | Discover His Work


Welcome to the captivating universe of Los Angeles based African American writer, actor, singer, Aaron Braxton; a true luminary in the world of storytelling. As one of the industry's most prolific multi-hyphenate artist, his polymathic talent knows no bounds. Explore the realm of A.K.B. COMMUNICATION, a Creative Arts and Services Company where magic truly happens. 

From groundbreaking screenplays to riveting television pilots, gripping books, and soulful stage plays, Aaron Braxton has redefined African American storytelling. With numerous national and international awards adorning his name, he is a trailblazer, crafting tales that resonate deeply within the rich tapestry of African American culture and experiences; blending passion, humor, introspection, acuity and insight, with pure entertainment. 

Hailing from inner city, Roxbury, Mass, and armed with a BA from San Diego State University and a MA from the University of Southern California, Aaron Braxton brings a fresh perspective to a literary landscape often marred by stereotypes and ethno-cliches. He's on a mission to rewrite the narrative, championing equitable literacy, mental health, diversity, and social issues, all while infusing truth and dignity into the lives of people of color.

From multi-award-winning historical dramas to critically acclaimed stage plays and comedy television pilots, Aaron Braxton weaves narratives that captivate with their complexity and depth. His stories are rich tapestries of resilient, multi-dimensional ,characters who defy odds, challenge perceptions, and evoke powerful emotions of empathy and connection.

But Aaron Braxton's chameleon talent doesn't stop at writing. As a highly regarded union actor and singer, he has lit up local and regional stages, appeared in top 10 television shows, and starred in widely released indie feature films; truly showcasing his versatility and charisma across multiple entertainment mediums.


Aaron Braxton - a visionary artist who paints realities yet unseen.


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Book Cover
JesseCover square.jpg

Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings


By award-winning writer Aaron Braxton


A deeply moving coming-of-age novel about a precocious African American boy searching for greatness!

Jesse is a rambunctious 10-year-old, fifth-grader with a big imagination and an even bigger heart. But he's also a loner, struggling to find his place in the world. When he meets Khalilah, the beautiful and popular girl of his dreams, he finally feels like he's found his soulmate, but tragedy strikes, and Jesse's world is turned upside down.

Through the metaphor of a caterpillar's metamorphosis, Jesse learns about life, love, and faith. He discovers that even in the darkest times, there is always hope for a brighter future.

Jesse is a hero for all times, ages, and cultures. He proves that when there's greatness inside you, no one can say you can't fly?


Jesse & the Caterpillar (Large Print) - Self-Esteem, Family, Hope & Love 

Find strength & humor in "Jesse & the Caterpillar" (Visually Impaired) Explore self-esteem, friendship, & life's lessons in large print.

"I wrote this novel to showcase the hopes and dreams of African American boys and other kids of color, who often feel underrepresented in literature. Many books feature African American characters as afterthoughts, neglecting the rich, emotional depth of diverse communities. Inspired to change this narrative, I crafted "Jesse" to authentically and meaningfully highlight their stories."


Jesse & the Caterpillar Takes Flight: Heartwarming Audiobook


Laughter, inspiration, and tears! "Jesse & the Caterpillar" audiobook is a coming-of-age story exploring self-esteem, loss, & life's beautiful transformations.



Infused with Academic Language and aligned with Common Core Standards, the book utilizes real-world connections to assist children in mastering the language necessary to successfully engage in school. Although mastering Academic Language is challenging for many children, it is especially challenging for children of diverse communities who may experience limited exposure outside the classroom.

This can also be challenging for parents who may sometimes feel unsure of what reading materials are engaging, meaningful, and professionally aligned with Common Core Standards.


Immersed with Academic Language, this book is as relevant as it is important in building self-esteem and allowing both boys and girls the opportunity to recognize their own true greatness. It's a modern release with the timeless beauty of a classic.

JESSE and the CATERPILLAR WHO GOT ITS WINGS, seeks to break down barriers by leveling the playing field so that all children have the opportunity to read about diverse groups of people. It also seeks to expose the essential pedagogical language necessary for their success in school and in life.


By giving children the opportunity and tools necessary to make authentic connections from the comfort and protection of their own home, environment or classroom, this book becomes a valuable resource for teachers, parents, and those who homeschool their kids.

Academic Language and Common Core Standards aligned!

“ you the ability to reach higher ground and keep climbing. Gave me hope and showed there were possibilities in life.”

-Oprah Winfrey


This is one of the most powerful and well-written books that I've ever read. It provokes deeper thought, many questions, and more ponderings on the nature of adolescence..especially the real lives of many African American boys. Jesse reminds me of  Charlie Brown...Great Book! Everybody needs to read this and need to know about you!

–M. Williams, California Science Center Executive

I read this book to my 5th grade students and they absolutely loved it! Before I knew it, many had gone out and purchased it themselves. I especially like that he put a lot of academic language in the book, which is much needed by my students. Thank you Mr. Braxton for getting my students interested in reading again! It's one of top 10 Best Children's books I've ever read!

–S. Martin, LAUSD Elementary School Teacher

Finally an African American author has the insight to write about the emotional challenges and depth of young African American males! This book is brilliant!"

-Westley Blake, LAUSD Middle School Teacher

I read your book in one sitting and absolutely LOVED IT! The book is so pure. I even cried at the end!

-T. Chey, Hollywood Dir/Writer

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