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Republicans are NOT Brainwashed

Republicans Are NOT Brainwashed. They know exactly who Trump is, but as long as there's pillaging to be had and people to blame for their inadequacies, they're going to stay nestled comfortably to his jock.

I truly believe both parties are major frauds and deserve equal blame for this disaster of a presidency. I mean the man paid off a prostitute and had his son meet with the Russians, in order to help his presidential bid, then lied about it, and STILL no real impeachment talks from the Democrats.

Just as the Republicans need to start holding their president accountable for his gross leadership of this great nation, our Democratic leadership need to grow a spine and cut the tail between their legs.

I tell you what, I wasn't for getting rid of the Electoral College. There are some viable reasons why we should keep it. One being that it keeps our politicians honest and forces them to go out and see what's going on in all parts of our country regarding how political decisions are affecting each state differently. However, with that being said, one positive outcome of a majority ruled system is that it has the potential to get rid of this two party system. I think that benefit outweighs everything.

If we transition to a majority rule system, it will force politicians to run and govern with integrity, something missing in this current political climate. No longer will people be forced to exhibit this blind sense of loyalty. They'll be free to vote with their hearts and not allegiances.

I truly believe that the majority of Americans are NOT racist bigots who would rather sit back and watch our country go to squat, than adhere to the progress we've made in terms of our previous presidency. But this two party system has morphed into something sinister and those that believe in what our country has become prior to this current administration, and its true core values, must stand up and hold our leadership accountable on BOTH sides of the aisle. Otherwise, as history shows us, we will implode and perish like other great civilizations before us.

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