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Aaron Braxton: ABOUT ME


Embrace the Extraordinary Journey of Aaron Braxton: A Visionary in Art, Education, and Transformation 


From the profound words of my high school music teacher, "It's tough to be talented. You tend to spread yourself too thin." I proudly affirm, "Nothing has changed." I am Aaron Braxton, an artistic polymath and an internationally renowned, critically acclaimed, and award-winning writer, encompassing the realms of screenwriting, playwriting, and novel authorship.


I am also an accomplished actor, soul-stirring singer, sketch artist, painter, and a dedicated teaching artist. Those who erroneously state, "Jack of all trades, master of none," not only have never met me, but don't know the full ending to that beautiful Shakespearian quote is, "...but better than a master of one."


Pioneering Excellence: I proudly hold the esteemed distinction of being an NAACP Image Award recipient and a trailblazer as the first American, and the sole individual of African descent to receive the coveted Festivalul De Teatru International Gala Star for my unforgettable one-man show, "DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK?" This exceptional achievement has forever enshrined my name on the illustrious International Solo Performer's "Walk of Fame" in Bacau, Romania.


Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, I intimately understand the trials of urban communities and the journey from self-doubt to transformation. My childhood was marked by adversity, witnessing my mother's struggle against physical and mental abuse from my father and stepfather, and facing relentless racism and bigotry when we finally escaped and she fought to take care of her kids on her own. I was also part of the early METCO Bussing Program to desegregate schools in the Boston area. This created its own stressful challenges regarding catalyzed racial violence, anti-bussing protest and socioeconomic strife, but I persevered, ran Division I Track and Field and worked two jobs to pay for and graduate from San Diego State University (and later, the University of Southern California with a Masters of Art in Education). Thereby proving the statistics and naysayers, (including my stepfather who boasted I would never graduate high school) wrong.


Through experience, I have learned that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. That I can overcome any obstacle if I set my mind to it and that I have an innate responsibility to use my voice, creativity, and stories to inspire others.


A Teacher's Calling: During my tenure with the Los Angeles Unified School District, I channeled my life experiences, including surviving police brutality, into inspiring my students. I instilled in them the belief that tenacity and positive energy are the keys to success. I wrote, directed, and coached various school productions, won awards for improving test scores, and guided students to victory in the LAUSD Theatre Competition.


A Renaissance Man: With uncanny artistic versatility as my hallmark, I have graced screens and stages in popular TV shows, independent films, and stage plays. I’ve been a series regular on the television show, "The Wright Turn," and held starring roles in the 2023 feature film releases of "20 Minutes" and the upcoming 2024 release of, "The Laundress." As a writer, my abilities have allowed me to thrive in diverse genres including: drama, comedy, historical narratives, and the spine-tingling world of horror. This versatile prowess has led to a trail of accolades for my screenplays, TV pilots, and stage plays, resonating both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, I have lent my directorial finesse to several highly acclaimed solo shows/plays and crafted award-nominated novels and books, cementing my legacy in the realm of diverse and inclusive storytelling.


Art Meets Pedagogy: My career beautifully marries art and education; a lifelong dream outlined in my high school yearbook decades ago. I am driven to expanding my horizons by continuously deepening my talents and impact. In this ever-evolving world, I firmly believe that art's truth and humanity are vital. It sparks curiosity, encourages introspection, and motivates socially conscious individuals to embrace their power for positive change.


Unwavering Belief: I am steadfast in my conviction that limitations are meant to be challenged and overcome. In an industry that may slumber, I always move with integrity and remain vigilant and daring; constantly leaping without a net because, no matter what, I am built to succeed!


I am an African American artist, writer, actor, singer, and teacher. I am proud to represent my community and use my art to spread knowledge, joy, empathy, and inspiration to others.

I believe in the power of art to transform lives and build a stronger, more progressive, and ethical society. Art can challenge our assumptions, inspire us to think critically, and help us to embrace our own unique, supreme, talents and gifts.

My goal, since self-actualization, has always been to shatter the bounds of gravity and reshape the very essence of mountains.

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