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The Passage of Sun: A Fight for Freedom After the Chains 

Slavery's sinister shadow lingers. In post-Civil War Alabama, three brothers defy the brutal Convict Leasing System, risking everything to break the cycle of oppression. Witness their powerful fight for freedom in "The Passage of Sun," a gripping, African American, historical drama.

         The Most Awarded/Accoladed Screenplay in the Industry!

           Ranked in the Top 1% on Coverfly 

           The #1 ranked Drama Screenplay on Moviebytes

           The #1 ranked Urban Screenplay on Moviebytes

           The #2 ranked Historical Screenplay on Moviebytes

           Ranked #3 in Overall Screenplays on Moviebytes


                  2022 Nashville Film Festival- Winner (Best Drama)

                  2022 Script Summit - Winner (Best Dialogue)

                  2022  DTLA Film Festival - Winner (Best Screenplay)

                  2022 San Diego Movie Awards - Winner Best of Fest Award

                  2022 Orlando International Film Festival - Honorable Mention                           Award

                  2022 100 Screenplays - Award Winner (Second Place)

                  2022 Northern Virginia Int. Film & Music Festival  and Capital Film                               Market (The NOVA Fest) - Winner (NOVA Jury Award &                             Best Period) Nominated - (Best Drama)

               2022 Film Invasion LA - Audience Award Winner

                  2022 Script Summit - Finalist (Best Drama & Best Dialogue)

                  2022  Emerging Screenwriters Historical Genre Competition -                                      Finalist (Top 10)

                  2022  Chicago Screenplay Awards - Finalist

                  2022  The International Gullah Film Festival - Finalist

                  2022  Indo Global International Film Festival - Finalist

                  2022  Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition - Semi Finalist

                  2022  Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices - Semi Finalist

                  2022  Filmmatic Pitch Now Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist

                  2022  Southern California Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist 

                  2022  Austin Film Festival - Quarter Finalist (2nd Rounder)  

                  2022  Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Quarter Finalist

                  2022  Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition - Quarter Finalist

                  2022  Great American American Script Contest - Quarter Finalist                          2022  Filmmatic Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship - Quarter Finalist

                  2022  Emerging Screenwriters Drama Competition - Quarter Finalist

                  2022  National Black Film Festival - Official Selection

                  2022  LA Under the Stars - Official Selection

                  2022  Voices Rising Film Festival - Official Selection

                  2022  New York Independent Film Festival (For the Good of the                                    People) - Official Selection 

                  2022  Florida Script Challenge - Official Selection                 




                  2021 Urban Action Showcase - Winner (Best Action/Adventure)

                  2021  San Diego Movie Awards - Winner (Best Screenplay)

                  2021  Sherman Oaks Film Festival - Winner (Best Screenplay)

                  2021  Black Feedback Film Festival - Winner (Best Screenplay)

                 2021  The Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival - Nominated (Best                             Character Arc)

                  2021  Like It Film Festival - Honorable Mention Award

                  2021  Influx Magazine Film Awards - Honorable Mention Award

                  2021  Miami Screenplay Awards - Finalist

                  2021  Boston Screenplay Awards - Finalist

                  2021  Action on Film MegaFest Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Toronto Film and Script Awards - Finalist

                  2021  Marina Del Rey Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Screenwriting Master Contest - Finalist

                  2021  Peachtree Village International Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  LA Live Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Barnstorm Screenplay Competition - Short List (Semi Finalist)

                  2021  Big Apple Film and Screenplay Competition (Fall) - Semi  


                  2021  Los Angeles Screenplay Awards - Semi Finalist

                  2021  Austin Table Read My Screenplay - Semi Finalist

                  2021  Red Flight Pictures Screenplay Awards - Semi Finalist

                  2021  Ojai Film Festival Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist

                  2021  Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition -

                           Quarter Finalist

                  2021  ScreenCraft Drama Competition - Quarter Finalist

                  2021  Story Pros International Screenplay Competition -

                           Quarter Finalist

                 2021  Atlanta International Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist                          2021  San Pedro International Film Festival - Quarter Finalist

                 2021  Circa Historical Screenwriting Competition - (Top 24) Quarter                              Finalist

                 2021   NYC Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist

                 2021   New Age Cinema & Scripts Festival - Official Selection                   

To Lie Beneath: A Succubus Terrorizes Atlanta in This Gripping Horror (Exes vs. Demons!)

A divorced couple's nightmare comes true in Atlanta! Marcus and Zora, a businessman and his estranged witch ex-wife, face a terrifying succubus and her incubus partner. Can they overcome their differences to fight this evil force and save their family? Don't miss the chilling horror of "To Lie Beneath."

      One of the Most Awarded Horror/Supernatural Screenplays of 2021

         The #2 ranked Urban Screenplay on Moviebytes

           The #7 ranked Horror Screenplay on Moviebytes

           The #7 ranked Supernatural Screenplay on Moviebytes



                 2022 Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - Semi Finalist

                 2022 Boston Horror Comedy Festival - Quarter Finalist



                 2021  Hollywood Blood Horror Festival - Winner (Best Screenplay)

                 2021  Indie Suspence Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival - Winner (Best                            Screenplay)

                2021  Urban Action Showcase - Best Sci-Fi/Supernatural                                  Nominee

                 2021  Independent Horror Movie Awards - Best Feature Nominee


                 2021  Los Angeles Crime and Horror Festival - Finalist

                 2021  Nosferatu Film Festival - Finalist

                 2021  Marina Del Rey Film Festival - Finalist

                 2021  Underground Indie Film Festival - Finalist

                 2021  Chicago Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist

                 2021  80 Screams International Film Festival - Quarter Finalist

                 2021  Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition - Quarter Finalist

                 2021  International Instanbul Horror Festival - Official Selection

                 2021  Shockfest Film Festival - Official Selection

The Longest Goodbye: A Heartwarming Drama About Love & Loss 

Love endures even when memories fade. "The Longest Goodbye" is a poignant drama about a son's unwavering devotion to his mother battling dementia. Witness their journey of love, loss, and the power of connection in this unforgettable screenplay.

          The #5 ranked Urban Screenplay on Moviebytes


                  2022 Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - Winner

                      (Best Screenplay) 

                  2022  International Screenwriting Competition - Finalist

                  2022  Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Semi Finalist

                  2022  Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition - Semi


                  2022  Austin Film Festival - Quarter Finalist (2nd Rounder)

                  2022  WeScreenplay Diverse Voices - Quarter Finalist

                  2022  Indo Global International Film Festival - Official Selection



                  2021  Le Femmes Underground Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Marina Del Rey Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition - Quarter Finalist



A Long Way From SundayFaith Tested, Family Fractured

An 11-year-old's mischief sparks a family crisis in "A Long Way From Sunday." A working-class Pentecostal pastor grapples with shocking revelations, leading to a shocking act of violence and the burning of his own church. This edgy, faith-inspired dramatic screenplay explores the dark side of belief.

           The #10 ranked Urban Screenplay on Moviebytes




                  2022 International Screenwriting Competition - Winner

                      Outstanding Achievement In Writing Award

                  2022  Massachusetts Independent Film Festival - Nominee (Best


                  2022  Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - Semi                                        Finalist                    

                  2022  Table Read My Screenplay - Semi Finalist



                  2021 Marina Del Rey Film Festival - Finalist

                  2021  Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition - Quarter Finalist

BROKEN: A Haunting Tale of Grief, Hallucinations & a Mother's Desperate Fight​

Haunted by visions and consumed by grief, a mother spirals after her son's death. Will she find solace, or will addiction and hallucinations shatter her family? Dive into BROKEN, a gripping screenplay of loss, love, and the fight for sanity.

The Way Home: A Fallen Altar Boy's Journey of Redemption

Imprisoned for drug trafficking, a former altar boy grapples with faith and forgiveness. Can he find redemption, or will his path remain lost? "The Way Home" is a powerful screenplay exploring faith, second chances, and the fight for redemption.


                  2024 WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival - Honorable Mention                       Award

         *Optioned by Gibeau Entertainment: OPTION EXPIRED


Television Pilots

The Sub-Cover.jpg
Cover-By AB.jpg


Press Play (Limited Series): Hip-Hop's Genius vs. Controversy - Can She Save Def Jam?

A brilliant strategist clashes with industry giants in PRESS PLAY, a 14-episode limited series. Can Nana Carmen revive Def Jam's legacy while facing threats and moral dilemmas? Dive into the music industry's transformation and the fight for hip-hop's future legacy.


The Sub: Can One Substitute Teacher Tame the Chaos?

Welcome to the hilariously honest nightmare of THE SUB, a 10 episode per season dramedy. A substitute teacher battles a bureaucratic, broken school system in this binge-worthy series. Laughter and tears guaranteed!


                    2022 Indo Global International Film Festival - Award Winner

                     2022 ISA Virtual TV Pilot Pitch Challenge - Finalist

                    2022 HollyShorts Screenplay Contest - Quarter Finalist



                  2021 Blackboy Writes Mentor Initiative - Second Round

                    2021 Inroads Fellowship - Quarter Finalist 




Gentrified (Pilot): Culture Clash Comedy - White Dads, Black Daughter, Changing Black Neighborhood

A White gay couple with their adopted Black daughter navigate the hilarious chaos of gentrification in South LA. "Gentrified" is a laugh-out-loud pilot exploring race, family, and finding your place in a rapidly changing community and expanding world.

                                                     2023                                                         Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship Season 6 - Quarter Finalist


                    2022 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition - Quarter












Cover-Lukas Robertson.jpg
TEAR DOWN THE WALLS: Celebrating African American Excellence


Unveil the rich tapestry of African American achievement! TEAR DOWN THE WALLS honors the struggles and triumphs of Black men & women in science, politics, arts & more. A celebration of Black history & the giants who paved the way.


This Black History play is written to be very inclusive. Multicultural elementary, middle school, and high school students of all ethnic backgrounds, abilities and special needs can and should be included seamlessly in the mounting of this production.

Book Cover
DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK? (One-Person Play): An Inner-City Education Exploration
Laughter & Tears: DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK? is a powerful 1-person play exploring the realities of bureaucratic inner-city education. Follow Mr. Braxton, an idealistic substitute teacher, through a life-changing journey.


                       2010 NAACP Image Award

                       2010 International Gala Star Award (Bacau, Romania)

                       2010 GoldStar Roar of the Crowd Award

Broken Cover nolan-simmons.jpg
BROKEN: A Play on Mental Illness in Black Families
Unflinching & Witty: BROKEN is a powerful play exploring mental illness in the Black community. A mother grapples with guilt, addiction, and hallucinations after her son's accidental death. A story of resilience and healing.


                   2022 Road Theatre's Summer Festival 13 - Official Selection


                       2021 Dreamcatcher Semi - Finalist

                       2021 New Works Festival - Semi Finalist

                       2021 Garry Marshall Theatre Festival - Semi Finalist

                       2021 Finstrom Festival - TOP 10

                       2021 ScreenCraft Playwriting Competition - Quarter Finalist


                       2020 Max K. Lerner Fellowship - Winner


Belafonte Unauthorized: A Solo Play on Harry Belafonte's Civil Rights Activism​

Go beyond the music! BELAFONTE UNAUTHORIZED is a revealing solo play about Harry Belafonte's fight for racial justice. Witness a legend's activism and influence on the Civil Rights Movement.

Art has always been the carrier of human evolution. - Harry Belafonte

                      ***Can be performed by one person or up to 5.



Book Cover
Jesse & the Caterpillar: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship & Growth (5th Grade Must-Read!)

​Fifth grade gets an extraordinary twist! Join Jesse, a shy but imaginative boy, as he uses the magic of caterpillars to navigate friendship, self-discovery, and the beauty of transformation. This heartwarming story about acceptance, growth, and the power of imagination is a must-read for kids!


                      2019 RSJ Emma Book Award - Nominee 

Book Cover
Going Solo: Write, Produce, & Perform Your One-Person Show in 8 Weeks

Turn your idea into a captivating one-person show! GOING SOLO guides you through writing, marketing, & producing your masterpiece. Learn from a critically acclaimed writer/actor & create a show with depth & heart in just 8 weeks. Turn your Dreams into Action!
Book Cover
Homeboy's Guide to Southern Cookin': Grandma's Legendary Recipes for Your Kitchen!
Bring the soul of Southern cooking to your table! ‍ Learn cherished recipes passed down through generations, inspired by Grandma's love and attention to detail. Fresh, flavorful dishes that honor tradition. Get ready to create unforgettable meals!
Front Cover.jpg
Playwriting Made Simple: Write, Produce, Perform! From Script to Stage in 8 Weeks
Unlock your inner playwright! Playwriting Made Simple is your fast-track to creating captivating stage plays. Learn from professionals: scene structure, dialogue, character development, and more. Get your play from page to stage in as little as 8 weeks!
Producing Made Simple: Stage Your Dreams & Produce Captivating Theater 
Empower yourself! Producing Made Simple is your guide to bringing small & mid-sized plays to life. Learn pro-tips for finding venues, budgeting, marketing & more. Perfect for aspiring producers, actors & writers. Get your play on the stage!
Cover1-mayur-gala .jpg
I Am: Over 365 Daily Quotes to Spark Inspiration & Achieve Your Dreams!
Unleash your greatness! I Am offers 365 daily inspirational quotes to ignite your motivation & turn dreams into reality. Achieve success, reduce stress, & boost creativity with this powerful journaling guide.
Cover1-mayur-gala .jpg
I Am|Special EditionLimited-Edition Inspirational Journal with Daily Quotes for Success
Unlock your potential with the I Am: Special Edition Journal! This beautifully colored daily guide features over 365 quotes to ignite motivation & spark action. Achieve success, reduce stress & boost creativity - just 10 minutes a day!
American Made: Poems of Identity, Struggle & Resilience by a Black Man

Unflinching and lyrical, American Made explores the Black male experience in America. A tapestry of protest, love, and resilience, these poems celebrate heritage, challenge injustice, and redefine the American story.

Short Films

Poster1 w_Laurels.jpg
The Skin I'm In: Short Film About Black Fatherhood in America (5:15 min)
The Skin I'm In explores the emotional turmoil of an assimilated Black father grappling with how he unprepared his mixed-race son for the realities of race in America. (Runtime: 5 minutes, 15 seconds)

2022 Dead in Decatur Film Festival - Official Selection

2022  Indo Global International Film Festival - Official Selection

2021 Independent Horror Movie Awards - WINNER (Best Writing)
2021 Silver Mask Film Festival - WINNER 
Best Social Short
2021 Independent Horror Movie Awards - Nominee        
(Best Atmosphere)
2021 Independent Horror Movie Awards - Nominee
       (Best Original Concept)

2021 Cosmic Film Festival - Semi Finalist
2021 Luna Lumen Film Festival - Semi Finalist
2021 OTB/Only The Best Film Awards - Official Selection
2021 GIFF/Genesis International Film Festival - Official Selection
2021 Black Film Festival ATL - Official Selection
2021 Focus International Film Festival - Official Selection
2021 Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival - Official Selection
2021 Silicon Beach Film Festival - Official Selection 
2021 Best Global Shorts - Official Selection
2021 Actor & Director Awards ADIFF - Official Selection
2021 African Smartphone Film Festival - Official Selection


Aaron Braxton has starred, guest-starred and co-starred in several film, television and stage projects; including a leading role in the upcoming theatrical release of the feature film The Laundress. Currently he is a series regular on the television series The Wright Turn. (Click the picture to view the series!)

Check out his Demo Reel below (6 min).

Demo Reel

Click the button to view IMDB Page.

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