Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings

Aaron Braxton


Jesse is an intelligent, sensitive, yet socially awkward kid, who has a vivid imagination, a hard time fitting in and desperately needs a little help making friends. Facing the added pressures of 5th grade, his whole world changes when his teacher brings caterpillars to class. As the entire class watches, in awe, the meltdown of the caterpillars' magical transformations, Jesse uses their shape shifting metamorphosis--from humble earthbound creatures, to graceful winged beauties as a metaphor for life, love, rebirth and healing. When a pretty girl named Khalilah suddenly takes interest, he discovers that his life and the lives of his classmates will never be the same.

GOING SOLO-Creating Your Own Dynamic One-Person Show
Aaron Braxton

Have you ever had an idea you thought would make a great one-person show? Ever thought about writing that idea yourself, but didn't know how to start? Are you ready to get out of your own way? 

GOING SOLO takes you through the entire process of developing, writing, marketing, and producing, your own dynamic one-person show. By following the exercises outlined in this book, critically acclaimed writer/actor, Aaron Braxton, shows you how to thoroughly complete your first solo draft in 8 weeks or less. 

What is the story you want to tell? How do you want to authentically create it?

With GOING SOLO, you will reveal the framework by which you think in order to create an engaging plot with 3 dimensional characters who have substance, depth and move audiences.  Put your dreams into action and step into your greatness. With GOING SOLO, you're halfway there.

Homeboy's Guide to Southern Cookin-And other Stuff
Aaron Braxton

My grandmother, Lena Bell Cunningham's Sunday dinners were legendary. On the first Sunday of every month churches all across the city would close down early in order to stand in line just to get a taste of her scrumptious cuisine. 

Every summer my grandmother and I would carve out a patch of my family's already miniature inner city backyard and plant a vegetable garden. It was an opportunity for her to show me how to plant, harvest, and cook fresh vegetables; with an attention to detail, an appreciation for nature, and a love of the craft.

I miss my grandmother. I still get teary-eyed when I think of her passing and I smile at remembering the pure joy in her eyes when she fed other people. This book, and those that will follow, honor her memory, and in some small way keep her traditions alive. I know you will love these recipes as much as I have over the years. She taught them to me, and now I'm teaching them to you. Enjoy!


Did You Do Your Homework?
Aaron Braxton

DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK? chronicles the realities, comical, tragic, and inspiring, of the public school educational process and one substitute teacher's journey through the bureaucracy of an inner city classroom. 

The 12 character One-Person show was developed out of a need to showcase how the American educational process affects everyone, by exploring the idea that we all must take responsibility for creating a safe educational environment, in order for our youth to lead productive, capable lives.

A show that transcends language, race and culture, the story takes place in an urban classroom with LaQuita, a boisterous, outspoken, troubled teen; Bryan, a kid struggling with homelessness and family addiction; Trevon, a kid with hygiene problems and America, a shy but very bright girl. Then there's Mr. Braxton, an idealistic teacher, who thinks he has all the answers, but soon learns that sometimes the most poignant lessons in life, come from those he's trying to save.

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