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Gavin Newsom's AHB is Bogus!

Gavin Newsom signs a bill that is supposedly going to create more "Affordable housing." It allows for small apartment complexes to be built in neighborhoods previously districted for single family homes.

This is Bogus!

Guess who's neighborhoods are going to be grossly impacted by this decision? Beverly Hills? Brentwood? Hancock Park? Malibu, La Jolla? Hell no! It's going to be African American and Hispanic communities where properties are less expensive.

This is, in no way, a rant against affordable house. The city of Los Angeles owns all kinds of land where they can build it. Yet, they’d rather impact single-family communities of color that are already experiencing high amounts of density. What about all those high rise condos and apartment complexes the city allowed to be built without any regard for affordable housing? Yet they want to put the burden on us!

This is not about a single family dwelling converting their garage into a guest home. This is about developers buying up single family homes, tearing them down and building small complexes in their place. Thereby quadrupaling the number of inhabitants in the neighborhood without any regard for PARKING or waste management. And most importantly, this is not about "Affordable housing," because the developers are going to charge "Market rent,"!

Mark my words, they are going to overcrowd and turn our neighborhoods into slums while they sit pretty in communities protected by the over inflated cost to tear down and build.

I'm most certain, it's not going to happen in Gavin Newsom's neighborhood which is why he can so easily sign this bill without a conscience.


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